BH Collaborative Meetings

Capital Area Human ServicesBH Collaborative Meetings

NARCAN Update 3-22-2019 By Janzlean Laughinghouse

Behavioral Health Collaborative 3-22-2019 By Bryce L. Mohundro

Opioid Trend 3-22-2019 By Brice L. Mohundro

CAHSD Collaborative Meeting_NOWS 3-22-2019 By Quinetta Womack

Faith-Based Forum Flier 3-22-2019 By Janice Ihaza

Medication Safety Campaign Presentation 3-22-2019 By Vivian Gettys

Opioid Program Brochure 3-22-2019 By Shelley Edgerton

LOUISIANA Medicaid 7-Day Opioid Quantity Limit -3-22-2019 By Sue Fontenot/April Holley

Baton Rouge Health District 5-4-2018 By Suzy Sonnier

MAT – Medication Assisted Treatment 5-4-2018 By Janzlean Laughinghouse, PhD

COAP Power Point for EBR Category IV 5-4-2018 By Javonna Jones

Recovery Support Services 5-4-2018 By Joseph Pete, PhD.

 Pain Management 4-8-2018  By Mary Raven and Lan H. Pham , MD

Families Impacted by Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome 4-8-2018 By Twanda Lewis

Overview of the Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Site Based Program(COAP) Grant 4-8-2018 By Javonna Jones

Recognize The Risk Presentation 3-1-2018 by Vivian Getty & Kristian Dobard

COAP Power Point for EBR Category III-1-2018 By  Javonna Jones

Maternal Substance Abuse and NAS 1-11-2018 By Dr. William Binder

Narcan Statistics – Years (2009 Thru 2017 ) 11-29-2017 By Rintha Simpson

Louisiana’s Heroin Epidemic and the Overuse of Opioids  11-29-2017 By Dr. “Beau” Clark

Prevention Strategies to Address the Unique Needs of Women 11-29-2017 By Vivian Gettys

Opiods (Neurobiology/Action of Opioids in The Brain) 11-29-2017 By Jan Laughinhouse, PhD

BH Collaborative Presentation 11-17-2017 By J. Kasofsky, PhD

Facing Addiction-Community Organizing Basics 11-17-2017 by Michael King

Narcan 2009-2016 usage and Zip Code 11-17-2017 by Rintha Simpson

Narcan 10-4-2017 , Zip Code and Percentages Not From Call Location 11-17-2017 By Rintha Simpson

Syringe Access And Overdose Prevention Programs In Baton Rouge 11-17-2017 By Logan Kinamore

Succeeding With A Moving Health System Target 10-2017 By Kristin Woodlock

Components of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) 9-2017  By Dr. Cataldie

Managing Opioid Coverage CAHS BH Collaborative 9-2017 By Brice Mohundro

MAT implementation CAHSD 9-2017 by Dr. Podesta

Medicaid Opioid Presentation 9-2017 By Sue Fontenot

Harm Reduction 101 (Revised) 8-25-2017 By Logan Kinamore

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