Parent Involvement Prevents Underage Drinking Part 2

Parent Involvement Prevents Underage Drinking Part 2

A 2013 study of 9th and 12th grade Louisiana students suggests that young Louisianans will be more likely to drink alcohol and binge drink if they believe these behaviors are widespread among friends and family; so involve your children in healthy and fun activities with families and friends that do not involve alcohol.

Be Informed


Visit SAMHSA , NIAAA, and CDC for more of the information contained in this blog.

Be a Good Role Model


Children inherit their parents’ drinking behaviors and attitudes towards drinking. Parental permissiveness sends your child mixed messages and is consistently associated with negative drinking consequences as youth transition to college and adulthood.

Talk, Your Kids Will Listen


MADD offers a free Power of Parents Handbook and a Free 15 Minute Online Workshop. The handbook provides useful information and suggestions to help parents and caring adults set clear expectations and have positive conversations with their teens about alcohol use.

SAMHSA offers a “Talk. They Hear You.” App for Computers, Tablets, and Mobile Phones to assist parents in having conversations about alcohol and drugs with children who are as young as nine years of age.

The Young Teen’s Place for Info on Alcohol and Resisting Peer Pressure is another government website developed for young teens.

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